Indiegogo Adds Sexual Wellness Category

Indiegogo Adds Sexual Wellness Category

LOS ANGELES — Following the growing trend of crowd-funding sex toys, Indiegogo has added a sexual wellness category to its platform.

Named the Indiegogo After Dark collection, the category has raised more than $1.6 million for 15 campaigns and over 18,300 backers, reports

According to, the global sex toy industry is a $15 billion industry with vibrators at the top of list of toys most purchased online. 

Innovative technology such as teledildonics and virtual reality has propelled the category, based on CrowdfundInsider’s top five list of bestselling toys: LELO’s Remoji app ($133,484), the eJaculator VR Headset Sync’d Stroking Adult Toy ($139,587), Revel Body ($163,283), Autoblow 2 ($335,568) and the No. 1 most crowd-funded, Eva ($335,568), a wearable couples’ vibrator.

Eva was created by Alexandria Fine and Janet Lieberman, a twentysomething-year-old Brooklyn-based duo with a passion for empowering women’s sexual experiences, they told XBIZ last year, when they launched their company Dame Products.

Sex toy entrepreneur Brian Sloan has launched several successful Indiegogo campaigns for his products the Autoblow, 3Fap, Slaphappy and also has notably crowd-sourced vaginal and scrotal beauty contests.