LoveNuts Is Gearing Up for Crowdfunding Campaign

LoveNuts Is Gearing Up for Crowdfunding Campaign

LAS VEGAS — LoveNuts claims on its site it is “ready to rescue a woman in any kind of emergency.”

LoveNuts is a newly designed vibrator — but it’s also a flashlight. Really.

LoveNuts CEO Donald Hsu recently told TechCrunch that the invention was created because his friend, Salena, had “a problem.”

“She lives in the same house as her mother-in-law and was horrified she would discover that she had a sex toy," Hsu said. "So she asked me for a solution.”

So Hsu figured it out — design a vibe that doesn’t vibrate unless you “unlock” it using your bluetooth phone or tablet. Until you unlock it, it is just a flashlight.

The product, when it hits store shelves, will offer vibrations controllable from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, Hsu said.

“Our next step is crowdfunding. We are trying to decide whether we should do a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo campaign,” Hsu said.

Hsu suggested that the company will be running a campaign before the end of the year.