CAM4VR's Ela Darling to Host Futuristic Art Show Tomorrow in L.A.

CAM4VR's Ela Darling to Host Futuristic Art Show Tomorrow in L.A.

LOS ANGELES — Ela Darling, VR content manager for CAM4VR, will host a futuristic, sex-positive art show at the L.A. Space Camp Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles this Saturday, Sept. 3. 

Titled “Sex in the 21st Century,” the art show will feature a virtual reality viewing installation hosted by CAM4VR and burlesque-style performances by Darling, Sovereign Syre, Nenetl Avril, Ingrid Mouth, Maci May and Minnie Scarlet presented on GearVR headsets. The live VR performances will be presented through CAM4VR and available live globally through the CAM4VR platform and the CAM4 website.

The free show will feature works by sex-positive artists such as Eric Potts, Angie del Rosario, Vanessa Bieler, Ammon Rost, Scott Slagerman, Alberto Bevacqua and Charles Lowrie. Free beer and wine will be provided by the L.A. Space Camp Gallery.

“I’m excited to present a diverse representation of adult performers at an art gallery event like L.A. Space Camp Gallery,” Darling said. “I want CAM4VR to showcase a variety of voices and performance styles, and I think that creating a sex-positive event that sits outside of the traditional porn space will make for a thrilling evening.”

The L.A. Space Camp Gallery is located at 603 E. 4th St.

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