Indiegogo Campaign Launched for SayberX

Indiegogo Campaign Launched for SayberX
Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — An Indiegogo campaign has been launched for SayberX, a powered male masturbator that can be controlled remotely.

Pre-orders for SayberX at special early bird pricing starting at $199 are now being accepted.

SayberX has a soft, flesh-like inner chamber that is designed to simulate the feeling of real sex. Users can also let someone else take over with the motion-tracking X-Ring to remotely control the movement and speed of the device.

The SayberX masturbator can connect with the Bluetooth-enabled X-Ring that can also be wrapped around any existing sex toy to give it a motion-tracking upgrade when paired with a SayberX and accompanying smartphone application, allowing users to connect with long-distance partners.

"SayberX is built more like a supercar than a sex toy," said co-founder Andy J. Smith.

SayberX simulates the motion of a partner for solo pleasure and mirrors the actual movements of a partner for remote intimacy.

In order to ensure that there is always someone available to play with, SayberX has entered into an exclusive partnership with, one of the world's largest live webcam sites.

"After seeing SayberX in action, we immediately wanted to partner with them," said Derek Devlin, head of PR at CAM4. "We are particularly excited about pairing SayberX with our market leading Virtual Reality Live Cam Product, CAM4VR. Combining 360degree sight, stereo sound and now sensual touch… brings a level of intimacy and immersion never experienced before in online sex.

"We have all been waiting for real cybersex since the 80's. Over 30 years later and we finally have something that feels like real sex," Smith said.

SayberX has also teamed up with Gun Oil to include a free starter lube with every SayberX.

"Gun Oil lubricant has been in the middle of millions of sexual encounters and used with every toy imaginable, but SayberX is the highest-quality, most realistic masturbation and intercourse simulator we've ever seen," said Mark Olson, vice president of sales and marketing for Empowered Products, Inc., makers of Gun Oil and PINK lubricants. "Pairing SayberX with the CAM4 network is a brilliant partnership with a technology leader in the virtual reality space."

The Indiegogo campaign is now live. Interested backers can pre-order SayberX at limited-quantity early bird prices online via and Indiegogo. The exclusive first run will begin shipping in January. For more information, visit