Charlotte Sartre in Severe Sex's 'Kink School: Tips From a Master'

LOS ANGELES — Charlotte Sartre is featured on the cover of the new Severe Sex Films DVD “Kink School: Tips From a Master,” which a spokesperson said “displays her knowledge and love of BDSM in an educational setting.” The film includes a scene in which Sartre is dominated by Micked Mod. 

“Charlotte plays submissive to her master Mickey Mod in this thrilling scene,” a spokesperson said. “Each time she is dominated by Mickey — whether it be getting spanked with a cat-o-nine tails, getting choked, or receiving an anal pounding — Charlotte is sure to thank him for the pleasure she is earning. Charlotte and Mickey manage to deliver a hot scene, while instructing viewers on how to safely and respectfully incorporate BDSM into their lifestyles.”

Sartre said, “I really, really enjoyed getting fucked up the ass by Mickey Mod and being able to simultaneously demonstrate BDSM in an educational sense.”

One can purchase the entire DVD at this link or Sartre’s scene with Mod by itself at this link.

Sartre will be in Los Angeles from this Saturday, Sept. 3 through Saturday, Sept. 10. To book her for scenes, e-mail Sartre directly at

For more information on Sartre, visit her official website or follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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