BelAmi Releases 'Last Summer in Greece, Part 9'

PRAGUE — Part 9 of BelAmi’s online series “Last Summer in Greece” is now available on their website, With “Part 9,” BeliAmi said, the series “inches closer to the end of its unforgettable summer sex scenes.”

"Last Summer in Greece" takes place on the Greek island of Mykonos, where Helmet Huxley, Jerome Exupery and Hoyt Kogan portray three vacationing youths who encounter a group of other youths played by Marc Ruffalo, Roald Ekberg, Marcel Gassion, Adam Archuleta, Brian Jovovich and Robin Michaux.

Describing “Last Summer in Greece, Part 9,” a spokesperson for BelAmi said, “While Hoyt is exploring the city aimlessly at night, he meets Adam Archuleta on the streets. The chemistry is electric, and the two end up heading back to Adam's place for a romantic, sex-drenched evening. This standout scene is sensuous and intimate in a way that previous scenes from the series are not. Adam goes in and out of Hoyt effortlessly. The lighting, the model pairing, the location and the sexual energy in this scene come together to make it the best of the series thus far.”

“Last Summer in Greece” will continue into September.

Founded in 1993, BelAmi is a long-running gay studio with offices in Prague, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia.   

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