TrafficForce Introduces 'First Impression' Bidding for Advertisers

TrafficForce Introduces 'First Impression' Bidding for Advertisers

LOS ANGELES — TrafficForce said today that its entire platform now allows media buyers to bid specifically on “first impressions.”

“It’s a simple concept which is why it made a lot of sense for us to ad and why it is already being used so extensively by our clients,” TrafficForce’s Ross said. “Let’s say you visit your favorite site twice in a day. We already offer frequency capping so our clients could always limit how often an ad was displayed to you, but now with first impression bidding they can also guarantee that their ad is the first one you see when you arrive on the site.”

Ross said that users, after logging into their account, can begin bidding immediately on the first ad load any visitor will see without any chance of the same consumer seeing another ad from a user’s brand within a 24-hour window.

“That makes your ad the first one a potential customer sees and gives your product the best possible chance of making a great first impression,” he said.

As always, Ross said, TrafficForce provides a point-and-click backend that simplifies the entire bidding process and choosing to bid on first impressions only takes a couple clicks with any campaign that are started or amended.

“A lot of people like this method of purchasing as opposed to buying on a one-display in 24 hours basis,” Ross said.

“With the added ability to target only first impressions, you are showing your ad first to the unique users instead of perhaps coming along several pages into their visit when they have already seen and declined several other ads previous to yours,” Ross said.

“It’s about getting your ads in front of the most likely people to convert rather than showing your ads to the people who remain after having not been converted by anyone else. It also allows you to precede ads by competitors and to establish your product as the primary choice for consumers within your niche,” he said.

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