Rodney Moore Releases Music Video for Sex Workers Anthem

LOS ANGELES — Director Rodney Moore has announced the release of a new video for his song “Freedom Isn’t Free,” an anthem for sex workers. The video features photos that span different eras, ranging from old black-and-white photos of sex workers from the late 19th Century to images of Sasha Grey, Bettie Page, Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Marilyn Chambers, Jessie Jane, Ron Jeremy and others.

“Sex workers deserve respect,” Moore said. “I originally wrote this song because I remember when I started in the early ‘90s, there was still a real fear of going to prison for obscenity just for making a movie of people having sex. Now, there’s a thin line between what porn shows and what you see on HBO, Showtime, etc. For prostitutes, though, jail is still a real possibility. Everyone wants their porn, but we still don’t get any respect for creating it. Pro-dommes and strippers don’t break any laws, but are still looked down upon by society in general.”

Moore, in addition to his work in the adult industry, has a long history with the music industry. Along the way, Moore worked with musicians ranging from rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot to saxophonist Kenny G to singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks.

Describing “Freedom Isn’t Free,” Moore said, “Musically, there’s a definite revolutionary Beatles and Byrds influence, with a prominent 12-string Rickenbacker guitar solo similar to the Byrds’ ‘Eight Miles High.’”

As an adult director, Moore is known for series that include "Horny Hairy Girls" and the BBW-oriented "Scale Bustin Babes." 

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