Seeks Contestants for Masturbation Olympics Seeks Contestants for Masturbation Olympics

LOS ANGELES — The inaugural Masturbation Olympics is about to begin.

It’s a virtual online competition sponsored by one-stop retail site that runs alongside the 2016 Rio Olympics, which are taking place right now. 

“With the excitement of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, we felt a virtual competition would be a fun way to give adult fans a fun way re-create some of that excitement with adult toys,” said Jeff Dillon, president of business development for eLine, parent company of GameLink and “It’s also a great way for fans to try out some new toys or check out those used by the contestants.”

The ManShop Masturbation Olympics will be made up of three main events, all using branded sex toys.

  • The Sprint — Requiring contestants to use the Quickshot Vantage. In this event, the one who ejaculates fastest is the winner.
  • The Long Distance — Contestants will be required to use the Blewit Masturbator to see who can go the longest without ejaculating.
  • Triathlete — Contestants will be required to complete three ejaculations with three different sex toys in under an hour. The toys are Fleshlight, Extreme Tight Grip Stroker and Vibrating Perfect Stroke.

The Masturbation Olympics winner will receive a variety pack featuring a number of popular adult toys and products. sells a wide range of sexuality items such as anal beads, anal toys, sex sleeves, lotions, lubricants and more.

 “Through and, we’re showing men that masturbation is a healthy outlet for men,” Dillon said. “Self-pleasure and creative stroking can lead to creative sex with others and a better awareness of one’s own body and sexual response.”

Contestants must enter by Friday, Aug. 19, by emailing  Contest winners will be announced Aug. 26.

For more information about the Masturbation Olympics, visit or sister site,