Topco Sales Appoints Nancy Cosimini as Sales Account Manager

Topco Sales Appoints Nancy Cosimini as Sales Account Manager

LOS ANGELES — Topco Sales has appointed industry veteran Nancy Cosimini as sales account manager.

With nearly two decades of experience in various sectors of sales, Cosimini now works hand-in-hand with COO Autumn O’Bryan and the sales team as the brand enters its next phase of development.

Cosimini’s background includes myriad positions, appointments and accomplishments all centered on product sales, marketing and training — including direct sales, relationship management and customer engagement.

“In my industry experience, Topco Sales products were some of the best and most popular I have worked with and, as sales account manager, I plan to help make that happen again,” Cosimini said. “When you are passionate about your position and excited about the mission, sales is the most exciting part because of its direct impact on the company’s advancement. That is one of the reasons why I have always felt such drive and motivation for this kind of role, and I look forward to generating measurable success with the Topco team.”

Most recently, Cosimini held a vice president of sales position for a North American home party company that experienced growth across the U.S. and Canada.

“Topco needed someone heading up the sales team who believes in the brand’s new direction and knows how to be honest, reliable and consistent while building and rebuilding relationships,” O’Bryan said. “I knew right away that Nancy would be that person and I am so pleased to officially have her on board.”

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