New 'hi' Full Body Massager Uses Neuro-Science Tech

New 'hi' Full Body Massager Uses Neuro-Science Tech

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. — An Indiegogo campaign has been launched for the hi full-body massager — a device that combines neuroscience stimulation with ancient Asian massage qualities that stimulate the lower abdominal muscles, nerve endings, and G-spot of a woman through clothing.

According to the company, hi “creates a new conversation for women’s rights for expression. It’s ability to provide women with fully clothed, and quick orgasm without thinking about it, the device is challenging many of the taboos that keep women from feeling confident to express their sexuality.”

The hi device was a resolution that came out of the creator, Dr. Steve McGough’s pursuit to put an end to his wife’s chronic pain following a complicated pregnancy. The hi’s other functionality of providing Steve’s wife with fully clothed and powerful orgasms in a matter of minutes was later (accidentally) discovered.

The company says that the technology behind the device’ effective and integrated technique is complex. The hi can also be used to relieve tension in various parts of the body, providing its user with a deep massage. The hi method and device are patented in the U.S. and internationally.

The hi massager features seven power levels, adjustable dual stimulation heads and an ergonomic design. The device’s handle allows the user to massage any part of the body to soothe anything from headaches to PMS cramps.

“I never thought this device could help so many people in so many ways,” McGough said. “Being able to stress less and relax more is a vital part of anyone’s quality of life and I’m so proud of the benefits the hi device has been able to provide.”

According to the company, since its creation, the hi device has been through countless prototypes, product testing, and research by leading sexologists from around the world.

More than 2,000 women have tested the patented technology over the last seven years, the company says.