Squirt.Org Members Weigh in on their Favorite Olympic Bodies

TORONTO — Swimmers, gymnasts and weightlifters have the hottest bodies at the Olympics, according to members of Squirt.org

The gay hookup site, based in Toronto and established in 1999, recently conducted a survey in which members were asked to weigh in on the Olympic Games — which are now taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And 39 percent of Squirt.org’s members responded that swimmers have the hottest builds, followed by gymnasts with 26 percent and weightlifters with 10 percent.

“It’s clear our Squirt.org members are very discerning when it comes to Olympic athletes,” said Attila Szatmari, digital business director for Pink Triangle Press, Squirt’s parent company. “With nearly 30,000 members polled, the consensus showed that swimmers are second to none when it comes to hotness at the Olympic Games. It’s no wonder the games attract such a wide audience with so much athletic talent and sex appeal.”

According to the survey, volleyball is the hottest ball sport and beat out second place water polo by 12 percent. Also, 67 percent of members polled said they had watched sports-themed porn videos, while another 61 percent said they get hornier watching sports.

“It seems sports is a great aphrodisiac for our members, as evidenced by our poll — which shows wrestling, swimming and diving are the favorite sports to jerk off to,” Szatmari said. “We’re already seeing a spike in activity on our site since the Olympics started. We definitely blame that on Rio, but in a good way.”

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