SHE to Debut 1st-Ever Sexual Health-Focused Publication

SHE to Debut 1st-Ever Sexual Health-Focused Publication

LOS ANGELES — SHE magazine will make its debut this September as a groundbreaking sexual health-focused publication covering the latest information and progressive views on intimacy.

Published quarterly, SHE magazine will take a comprehensive look at the evolving realm of sexual wellness. From exclusive interviews with today’s thought leaders to the hottest intimacy tips, pleasure product reviews and more, SHE magazine’s mainstream approach champions sexual well-being.  

SHE magazine will reflect the principles of the successful Sexual Health Expo. First held in Los Angeles in 2015, SHE has been held in New York and Phoenix, drawing thousands of attendees with an open, welcoming environment to immerse oneself in learning the benefits of a healthy sex life.

“The sexual wellness industry is expanding at a rapid pace thanks to the mainstreaming of sex education and pervasiveness of high-quality products,” Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez said. “Sexual Health Expo has played a pivotal role in facilitating access to essential information for a healthy sex life by educating and empowering them with a one-of-a-kind event. SHE magazine will build on its mission of furthering the reach of sex-positive education, along with the leading experts and wellness products that promote it.”

SHE magazine will cater to the same diverse audience that the event attracts, including subscribers of all genders and sexual orientations and industry professionals seeking information about trends in sexual wellness. 

Each issue of SHE mag features leading experts offering thought-provoking opinions and advice through a series of well-informed op-eds and advice columns.  Additionally, SHE magazine’s exclusive cover story, accompanied by relevant product recommendations, will promote sexual wellness and improve intimacy through the exploration of trends and popular products. SHE magazine also will regularly feature product reviews on sex toys, lubes, accessories, and more, as well as a round-up of the latest news and developments in sexual wellness. 

With physical and digital delivery available, SHE magazine will be distributed to all SHE attendees, past and present, as well as will be available to worldwide audience with complimentary access via digital editions. In addition, SHE magazine offers unmatched business-to-business distribution, reaching retailers, e-tailers and distributors of intimacy products, as well as licensed therapists, certified educators and home party organizers.

SHE magazine’s expansive B2B reach consists of 75 percent retail stores and e-tailers, 9 percent product therapists, 6 percent manufacturers, 4 percent educators, 3 percent distributors, 2 percent home parties and 1 percent miscellaneous.

SHE magazine will make its debut at the upcoming Sexual Health Expo NY, set for Sept. 24-25 in Brooklyn.

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