Fear of Zika in Rio Has PornHub Jumping Into Action

Fear of Zika in Rio Has PornHub Jumping Into Action

BURBANK, Calif. — Rio de Janeiro residents, athletes and visitors can get free membership to Pornhub Premium as part of the adult tube brand’s latest promotion.

Today, Pornhub rolled out the "Ooohlympics," a campaign to raise awareness on the Zika virus and inform the public on protective measures they can take to help prevent contracting and spreading the disease.

The Ooohlympics promo allows those geo-located in the state of Rio de Janeiro free access to the HD streaming site during the Olympic Games 2016.

"As fear over the potential spreading of the Zika virus continues to grip the country of Brazil, here at PornHub we wanted to ensure the protection of today's top athletes, those traveling to Rio, and the city's current residents by offering free membership to PornHub Premium," said Corey Price, PornHub's vice president. "By providing an alternative to sexual intercourse, we are making an effort to combat this disease head on.”

To kick off the campaign in Rio, Pornhub has created a promotional video here.

Also, Team Pornhub will be at the games, which officially start Friday with the opening ceremony, handing out Zika protection kits — "bug spray, tissues and lube," Price said — in addition to Pornhub Premium gift cards for the campaign.

In addition, Pornhub is allowing site users to pick the country they're rooting for, and the three countries with the most membership signups will receive bronze, silver and gold medals following the official closing ceremonies.

Pornhub also is offering one-month free trials of Pornhub Premium on the Ooohlympics website for those not attending the games in Rio.

Normally, Pornhub Premium charges $9.99 a month for unlimited content.

Price called the premium-level service “an ad-free experience, complete with faster playback and higher quality streaming on the millions of videos currently on Pornhub as well as the largest collection of exclusive, full-length HD adult titles available in crisp 1080p resolution."