System JO Reports Success of Gelato Line

System JO Reports Success of Gelato Line

LOS ANGELES — System JO says its new dessert series, which is available in five flavors, completely sold out within the first 48 hours.

“We have been prepared for Gelato to be a huge success since the first prototype,” said Ryan McCrobie, System JO product education specialist. “We knew that we had something special because people could not stop tasting it! Someone would come by my desk and say, it even tastes good in my coffee! The excitement has also heightened because this is our first paraben-free flavored lubricant, but we also reduced the glycerin significantly and balanced the products pH to be in line with a healthy vaginal environment.”

System JO says it wants to reassure partners that their production staff is working at full capacity to meet the popularity of their new dessert line.

“Under new leadership, not only were we prepared to ship out immediately at launch, but we also significantly ramped up our production goals to ensure stock on hand would be adequate for launch,” McCrobie said. “It is encouraging to see that even our most conservative efforts to be well prepared still led to a complete sell through in the first 48 hours.”

The Gelato line launched at ANME. According to the company, the most popular flavors were Hazelnut Espresso and Creme Brulee.