Wasteland.com Helps Break Down N.Y. Kink Numbers

Wasteland.com Helps Break Down N.Y. Kink Numbers

NEW YORK — Wasteland.com chimed in with the New York Post over this past weekend on the issue of S&M website registrations in the local region.

The Post took a look at those site registration, as well as online purchases of sex toys in the New York metropolitan area.

According to stats provided by Wasteland.com, which bills itself as “the Internet’s oldest and most popular BDSM, fetish and alternative sexuality site,” Staten Island dominated the registration list of the membership-based site.

Of the 68,791 New Yorkers who registered on the site in the past year and half, 21,326 — or 31 percent — were from Staten Island, followed by Brooklyn (19,263; 28 percent); Manhattan (16,511; 24 percent); Queens (8,252; 12 percent) and The Bronx (3,439; 5 percent).

“Brooklyn has its hipsters and Manhattan its beautiful people — but nobody gets their freak on like Staten Islanders,” the Post wrote.

Staten Island leading the other boroughs for its predilection for kink wasn’t a surprise for Colin Rowntree, owner of Wasteland.

“Welcome to the porn industry, where nothing is obvious,” Rowntree told the Post, which also ground down stats for sex toy popularity in the region, as well.

“ZIP Code 10314, which consists of the neighborhoods of New Springville, Willowbrook and Westerleigh, had more online purchases from the sex toy site Adam & Eve than any other section of the city,” the Post said. “And the 10306 ZIP, the New Dorp and Midland Beach area, was No. 5.

“ZIP Codes 11226 in Flatbush, Brooklyn; 11385 in Ridgewood/Glendale in Queens; and 10025 on the Upper West Side rounded out the top five.”