Baci Lingerie Adds to White Label, After Dark Hosiery

Baci Lingerie Adds to White Label, After Dark Hosiery

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Baci Lingerie is adding new lingerie pieces to its White Label collection and After Dark Hosiery.

The White Label 2016 collection includes 17 new styles available in both S/M and M/L. Select styles will also be available in the Queen size, which the company says continues Baci’s vision of empowering women of all sizes worldwide with a sexy confidence.

The 2016 collection will also infuse accent colors in pink, purple and red and styles that are strappy and caged. The collection also incorporates the retro look that is reminiscent of pinup styles.

“We are extremely excited to build upon the success we had with our White Label 2015 collection,” said Helle Panzieri, global sales director for Baci Lingerie. “Our 2016 collection is a perfect next step in the evolution of the Baci Lingerie brand.”

The After Dark Hosiery line will introduce its second release featuring different textures and patterns, in both panty hose and thigh highs with silicone stay-ups. The line will come in both OS (one-size) and Queen (Plus-size) sizes.

“Baci Lingerie is about showing all women that they can be sexy, strong, and confident,” Panzieri said. “We are staying true to what made us popular in the first place by celebrating every woman.”

Baci Lingerie displayed the new lines at ANME earlier this month and received positive feedback, the company said, adding that, “new international distributors signed on during the show, and these new relationships will help propel Baci Lingerie into an even stronger market presence worldwide.”