FSC: Fraudulent Test Attempt Prevented in Fla.

FSC: Fraudulent Test Attempt Prevented in Fla.

MIAMI — The Free Speech Coalition reported this evening that a performer in Florida yesterday was caught attempting to work with an expired test that had been digitally manipulated.

The producer attempted to verify against the test against the PASS database, which listed the performer as unavailable, the FSC said. The performer’s agent confirmed with the testing center that the test presented was fraudulent and out of date. The performer was not permitted to shoot.

“In light of this incident FSC reminds all members of the industry that PASS is the only way to validate protocol compliance in line with HIPAA regulations, protecting performers’ personal and medical privacy,” the FSC said this evening. “Printouts or digital files could be manipulated and do not follow HIPAA guidelines.

The PASS database is operated by the FSC and is free of charge for industry members at FSCPass.com.

An “available” status indicates that a performer has been tested for HIV RNA, hepatitis C antibodies, hepatitis B antigen, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis and gonorrhea within 14 days prior to a shoot, and shown that no active infections are present, the FSC said. An “unavailable” status does not reveal any medical information but could simply indicate that the most recent test is older than 14 days.

The performer did not shoot, and the agent paid a cancellation fee for the day, the FSC said.

“FSC applauds the diligence of our performers, producers, and agents in keeping industry-regulated sets safe,” the FSC said. “We are especially grateful to the agent in this particular case for their proactive approach and continuous cooperation.”

The FSC noted the performer, who was not identified, has been suspended from using PASS and affiliated testing centers.

“We are in contact with the performer’s agent to determine next steps,” the FSC said.