Dennis Hof Launches Disabled Outreach for Nevada Brothels

CARSON CITY — The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Carson City, Nev. owned by Dennis Hof, has announced that it is “launching an historic outreach of professional sexual services to the disabled community to coincide with the 26th anniversary of the Jul. 26, 1990 signing of the landmark Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).” 

All six of the Dennis Hof’s legal brothels in Nevada have been ADA-certified and retrofitted to be able to accommodate all customers regardless of their disability. According to a Hof spokesperson, “several hundred licensed working girls have been specially-trained to provide the highest quality erotic experience to those so-long shunned from access to the joys of sexual pleasure.”

Hof said, "While the ADA is an incredible achievement in guaranteeing civil rights and protections to the disabled, the time has come to go beyond that, to ensure that the physical and sensual pleasure needs of this far-too-long  neglected community are met. The disabled community now has an affordable, legal and medically-approved outlet for sexual satisfaction, and one that I am proud to say is the first of its kind anywhere in the world."

In addition to full wheelchair access and expertly-trained courtesans, a Hof representative said, his brothels have “taken pains to see that every aspect of a disabled customer's visit to his bawdy-houses is dealt with sensitively, comfortably, and with dignity as top priorities.”

Hof said, "For example, now when a disabled person flies into the local airport in Reno to visit one of our brothels, he or she is not picked up in some conspicuous utility van. But we have a specially-imported British taxi we brought over from London, with a built-in ramp and massive back seating area to make our guests feel like the true VIPs they are — not to mention the two beautiful girls that will accompany them on their ride."

Alice Little, a licensed courtesan at Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch in Carson City, said, “The sexuality of people with disabilities is invisible because they are often perceived as beings who do not engage in sex and do not have sexual desires. As a legal sexual provider working at a Nevada brothel, I’m here to tell you first-hand that this is far from the truth.”

Little said that people with disabilities have a wide range of sexual interests, which can prove challenging for a demographic so often labeled as non-sexual.

Little said, “In my experience, as someone who services a variety of people with disabilities on a regular basis, I’ve discovered that these clients have as diverse sexual interests as anyone else, from BDSM to specialty fetishes like sexual role play and cross-dressing. Clients with disabilities seek out sex workers for the same reason anyone else does: because they want to have their unique sexual desires met.” 

According to Little, “Depending on the level of need, the caretaker can be in the room during the session to assist with mobility issues, health issues, or  communication barriers. Another challenge can be helping someone to overcome the social stigma against their sexuality. I encourage my clients to open up about prior experiences if they feel comfortable doing so, which allows me to better understand where they are coming from.”

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