East Coast News Now Carrying 'Fifi' Sex Toy for Men

East Coast News Now Carrying 'Fifi' Sex Toy for Men

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. — East Coast News has announced that they are now carrying the fifi sex toy for men.

“We are very excited to partner with fifi,” said Kevin Guilford, sales manager for East Coast News. “Fifi is a great product for the man who is still a bit too shy to purchase the more graphic toys and strokers. We expect the fifi to fly off shelves once people know more about it.”

East Coast News, describing fifi, said, “It has a discreet design and naturally blends into any environment, can be rolled tightly or loosely depending on preference, warms up with use for a realistic sensation, and uses disposable sleeves for a no-mess cleanup.”

The fifi has recently been featured in articles from The Chive, AskMen.com, and Your Tango. The Chive said, “Looking for a discrete sex toy? This is the chosen one. There’s no messy cleanup due to its disposable, one-time use sleeves that you throw away after use. It has a slick design that looks more like a cushion than a sex toy.” 

East Coast News carries five styles of the fifi, along with packs of ten disposable sleeves.  

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