Doc Johnson's Ron Braverman Inducted into StorErotica Hall of Fame

BURBANK — The StorErotica Awards, held each year in cooperation with the ANME Founders trade show, honored Doc Johnson Founder/President Ron Braverman with induction into the StorErotica Hall of Fame at the Jul. 18 ceremony in Burbank, Calif.

Before presenting the award, StorErotica PR Manager Kristofer Kay recounted a story of meeting Braverman during Kay’s early days in the industry. When arriving at the Doc Johnson campus for the first time, Kay recalled being greeted by a man who simply introduced himself as Ron and proceeded to give Kay an in-depth tour of the company peppered with valuable industry knowledge and advice. That man was Ron Braverman, which Kay only discovered as he was preparing to leave and Braverman handed him a business card — encouraging him to call as needed. 

Braverman, briefly addressing the audience on Jul. 18, said, “Over the last 40 years, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the best the industry has ever seen. It has been one of the great joys of my life to wake up every day and go to work.” 

Ron Braverman acknowledged his son Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s COO/chief creative officer, and his daughter Erica Braverman, who works as the company’s marketing coordinator.

“To see my children there, to see how they have matured and stepped into their respective roles at the company, all I can tell you is that that is what true success feels like,” Ron Braverman told the Jul. 18 audience.

Ron Braverman founded Doc Johnson in 1976 with three employees. In the four decades since, the company has expanded to more than 500 employees and produces an average of 15,000 items per day on the 215,000-plus square foot campus in North Hollywood, Calif.

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