NakedSword Releases 2 More 'MormonBoyz' Chapters

NakedSword Releases 2 More 'MormonBoyz' Chapters

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword’s “MormonBoyz,” which offers tales of forbidden Mormon sex rituals, has now reached its eighth and ninth chapters.

The “MormonBoyz” series, now playing on, showcase homosexual rituals between men and virgin males every “Mormon Monday.”

MormonBoyz is a new studio under the NakedSword umbrella. The eighth and ninth chapters begin streaming today. 

Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studios Group and the NakedSword Network said: “’MormonBoyz’ is highly unique content that appeals to a vast audience who love things that are taboo.”

“The content is beautifully shot, very sexy and thought provoking,” Valenti said. “The guys behind the studio are great people who have been in the Mormon church and have an intimate knowledge of the religion and its secret traditions and practices which adds to the authenticity of the content.

“We are happy to have them on NakedSword."