Kama Sutra Company Unveils Toy Line

Kama Sutra Company Unveils Toy Line
Ariana Rodriguez

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. —The Kama Sutra Company has unveiled its first line of pleasure instruments, Rhythm by Kama Sutra.

Kama Sutra's new line of intimate massagers is making their debut at ANME this week.

For the past 47 years The Kama Sutra Company has offered couples-friendly body products.

Featuring five pleasure instruments, Rhythm by Kama Sutra also comes with high-end display and packaging. Made from the high quality medical-grade silicone and equipped with powerful, whisper-quiet motors, Kama Sutra says all Rhythm pleasure instruments are crafted to meet high standards.

Kama Sutra President Marla Lee said, "Customers will quickly see…and feel… that although we waited 47 years to enter the toy business, it was definitely worth the wait! We put all of our energy into every detail of our five custom instruments. While style and quality are so important, we knew we couldn't deny what everyone really wants, and that's power. I think we did a great job at achieving both."  

Rhythm by Kama Sutra will be on retail shelves this fall.