The Rabbit Company to Release 4 New Items

The Rabbit Company to Release 4 New Items

VAN NUYS, Calif. — The Rabbit Company will be debuting four new items at the ANME Founders Show in Burbank, Calif.

The new additions include the Backdoor Rabbit, Beaded Backdoor Rabbit, Realistic Rabbit, and Rabbit Wand. Both Backdoor Rabbits come in blue and black. The Realistic Rabbit comes in three colors, cream, hot pink and deep rose. The Rabbit Wand also comes in three colors, black, hot pink and deep rose.

“We are so excited to be introducing four new items,” said Chaney Cox, brand manager for The Rabbit Company. “These products all tap into a market previously underserved by The Rabbit Company. We really think customers will love the new lines.”

The Rabbit Wand combines a traditional wand head with the powerful rabbit ears. The Realistic Rabbit has a specially contoured head for a lifelike feel. The Beaded Backdoor Rabbit is a prostate massager that provides deep P-spot and perineum stimulation. The Backdoor Rabbit is designed to deliver anal pleasure for both men and women.

Adventure Industries will have The Rabbit Company products in its booth at ANME this month at booth 56/58.