Sara St. Clair Featured In Digital Sin Release

LOS ANGELES — Newcomer Sara St. Clair is featured in "I Came Inside My Sister 5" from Digital Sin/New Sensations. The taboo-themed title marks the first time St. Clair has been featured in a DVD release and also features Molly Mae, Brittany Shae, Ramon Namor and Shavelle Love.

"I'm so thrilled about my first DVD being released,” St. Clair said, “I really do get off from people watching me. Just knowing that I'm sexually exciting others excites me too. I'm definitely looking forward to coming to L.A. regularly and shooting more."

Describing the plot, a spokesperson said, “Sara stars opposite Ramon Namor as his younger stepsister. While having a conversation regarding girls, Sara asks Ramon if he's ever come inside a girl. Ramon is taken back by his younger sister asking him such a personal question. But Sara reminds him that she's just her stepsister, and she wants him to come inside her. Ramon is more than willing to accept her offer, and they get into some serious banging. Sara proves to Ramon that she can get him off just as well as all the other girls, and the scene ends with — you guessed it — Ramon coming in his sweet sister Sara.”

A representative for St. Clair described the 24-year-old performer as “a sweet and shy southern belle who just happens to be a sex-crazed nymphomaniac. Sara can also be described as a total package: not only extremely sexy, but smart as well. She's currently pursuing two advanced degrees, and in her spare time, Sara loves to write and paint.”

A St. Clair spokesperson said she is “available for B/G, G/G, B/B/G, B/G/G, interracial, cream pie, deep throat, various fetish work, and more.” For shoots, directors and producers can contact her directly at

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