Gives 2,472 GOP Delegates Free Memberships Gives 2,472 GOP Delegates Free Memberships

SAN FRANCISCO — In response to a Republican Party platform that would label porn a “public health crisis,” said it is giving free access to the site to each of the 2,472 Republican Convention delegates to help them understand the benefits of a sexually liberated society. Director Maitresse Madeline Marlowe made an offer today via an open letter on the site, saying that she hoped that delegates "will learn the value of consent, fantasy and sexual representation."

“Porn isn’t harmful,” Marlowe writes, “but shame around sexuality is.” 

Credentialed delegates will receive free access to the site until Nov. 8 — General Election day. 

Interested delegates can send an anonymous message to our support team here, using the username "delegate." Customer service lead each delegate through the process of accessing the site.  

Marlowe's letter follows:

Dear Republican Delegates,

We read with dismay that the Republican Party platform committee has endorsed a plank declaring “porn a public health crisis” and a “menace.” While it may not fit with your morals, studies have repeatedly shown that access to adult entertainment is positively correlated with decreases in sex crimes, better performance in bed, and more feminist views of women. (We understand that last one might not be a net positive for you, but we like it.) 

Next week, you’ll vote to approve or reject that platform, and we want you to have an informed decision. That’s why we’re offering every credentialled Republican delegate free access to our sites from now until Nov. 8. Kink has been a leader in ethical production of adult film for nearly two decades, and are proud to celebrate a diverse articulation of sexuality and gender. Unlike those your platform committee, we know the difference between fantasy and reality, the importance of informed decisions about sex, and the necessity of sexual representation. Porn isn’t harmful, but shame around sexuality is.

All we’ll need from you is proof of your delegate credentials, sent via email. We also understand the value of anonymity in accessing adult material, so as with any of our members, your request will be kept private. Heck, if you’re really concerned, you can even use a burner account — provided that you can adequately demonstrate the credentials (and your age) without revealing your name. We’re not here to shame or expose you you, we’re here to enlighten you. 

(And for poor “bound” delegates who are still #NeverTrump,  I recommend starting with Kink’s Trump-themed primary smash, “Make America Gape Again.” Even the Republicans on our site loved it.) 

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe
Director, Divine Bitches,