Doxy's Former 'Skittle' Rebranded as 'The Don'

TRURO, U.K. — The Don by Doxy is now available. The Cornwall, U.K.-based company described their massager, which can be used for anal stimulation, as “a reincarnation of Doxy's 2015 release Skittle.”

“The pink and white window box is gone in favor of completely enclosed, sophisticated black packaging,” a spokesperson for the U.K.-based Doxy said. “The toy may remain unchanged, but the look, feel and consumer message for The Don couldn't be more different. Doxy are hoping to carve a niche in the anal vibrator market.”

According to Doxy, a key factor in their decision to rebrand Skittle as The Don came about when, earlier this year, “confectionery kingpins Wrigley challenged Doxy's application for an American trademark.” 

With The Don, Doxy said, they are stressing its possibilities as an anal stimulator.

William Garland, co-owner of Doxy, said, "We initially marketed Skittle for all-over stimulation — a powerful all-purpose massager that can pleasure both internal and external erogenous zones. In the weeks following sale, the reviews started to roll in — and it became clear that the Doxy Skittle was being favored for anal play. It became a bit of an underground whisper: whenever someone mentioned they were getting a Skittle, the advice was 'put it in your bum.’”

Garland said, "We've learned a lot from reviewers in terms of what The Don can do for people's sex lives. We've listened to what they've had to say and geared our marketing around the practicalities of the toy. We've presented the abilities of The Don as an anal toy on the new packaging and in our new marketing material, and we're keen to help retailers in making the transition to The Don as an anal toy."

A range of support material, Doxy said, is available to online retailers, including images of the product and packaging, example descriptions and advice on use. In-store retailers, according to Doxy, “will benefit from the improved packaging, which includes full product specs, product selling points and advice on how it can be used.”

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