Screaming O's ABS Plastic, True Silicone Pass Latest Testing

Screaming O's ABS Plastic, True Silicone Pass Latest Testing

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O has completed and passed its latest round of product materials testing in time for its summer launch, confirming that its colorful True Silicone and brightly hued ABS plastic are non-toxic and body-safe.

According to the company, obtaining the results prior to official launch enables Screaming O to market and debut its latest designs with confidence.

Using the services of Polymer Solutions, the two new materials underwent Screaming O’s now signature three-step testing process customized to determine material authenticity, non-toxicity, and body-safety.

Screaming O’s new True Silicone will debut in a series of hues, including deep navy blue and burgundy. The company’s ABS plastic also will debut in a new color palette featuring bright shades.

Screaming O conducts these semiannual materials testing reports as part of its commitment to customers, retailers and consumers of all kinds. The company contracts Polymer Solutions, an independent laboratory, and a separate third-party verifier to maintain regular testing of each material in its catalog and is now testing most products prior to their industry releases.

“Our materials testing initiative has been going strong for a year and a half now and has become a standard part of our development process,” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “We stand by the quality of every item in our catalog, and materials data from Polymer Solutions gives current and potential customers an important reason to trust Screaming O and our product line. We use materials that are proven and verified to be body-safe and it’s a commitment we take very seriously.”

Previous testing phases confirmed that The Screaming O’s SEBS, True Silicone and original ABS plastic were authentic, body-safe and non-toxic.

Screaming O also uses a universal labeling system on all new packaging, featuring icons that inform shoppers of what each product is made of. Screaming O says it regularly informs and encourages retailers to adjust their own marketing copy to ensure that their descriptions accurately represent the brand’s products to the shopping public.

For more information about Screaming O’s materials testing program or its product line, contact Aumann at