CalExotics Releases New COLT Gear

CalExotics Releases New COLT Gear

LOS ANGELES — CalExotics has added new items to the COLT Gear range of toys for men.

Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of CalExotics says, “COLT is a brand people have come to recognize. From its bold logo to the masculine men dawning the package, COLT is indisputably recognizable and should be a staple for every adult retailer.”

The new COLT products span a variety of categories, giving shoppers more of an assortment. Within the anal category, COLT adds three new designs. The Deep Drill, a man-sized probe, is made of premium Silicone and features a life-like design with ten power packed functions of vibration. The COLT Deep Flexer is a silicone probe that’s angled for prostate and testicular stimulation. COLT Expander Plugs are easy to insert and are pliable and come with an interlocking design. The plugs are available in medium and large sizes.

The new COLT Nipple Pro Suckers offer a unique vacuum pressure design allowing the user to add or remove suction for a personalized experience. Within the masturbator category, COLT adds Hot Hole and Double Down Masturbator. The Hot Hole features yeo reusable heating rods and is made of life-like PureSkin.

To round out this release COLT offers two new rings, the Snug Tugger, and Silicone Rechargeable Cock Ring.

“COLT is a well-known brand with exceptional products. I recommend picking up the new items and featuring a COLT section online and in-store,” says, Jackie White, executive vice president of CalExotics.

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