Adventure Industries Now Carrying KinkyKam

Adventure Industries Now Carrying KinkyKam

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. — Adventure Industries has added The KinkyKam to its lineup of products.

The KinkyKam, according to the company’s tag line, “Turns Fantasy into Reality.” The new product allows its users to turn their smartphone into a stationary camera, to capture intimate moments.

“We are excited to now offer The KinkyKam,” said a representative of Adventure Industries. “Everyone we’ve shown this item to has said they are very intrigued, and wonder why something like this hasn’t been introduced sooner.”

The KinkyKam adjusts to securely hold any smartphone and the flexible tripod allows the user to mount it in nearly any position. The KinkyKam can be used standing alone on a nightstand or wrapped around a bedpost to record hands-free video.

Adventure Industries will have The KinkyKam on hand for demonstration at ANME this month. The company will be exhibiting at booth #56/58.