Adamo Ads Rolls Out New Interface

SAREJEVO, Bosnia — European traffic network Adamo Ads has announced the release of its all-new user interface. According to Adamo Ads, “The latest front-end improves user navigation, provides customers with advanced business intelligence and telemetry, adds several new ad verticals and gives publishers more control than ever over their revenue.” 

“We’re obsessive about giving our customers what they want because they know what they need to be successful,” said Judy Shalom, founder and CEO of Adamo. “We don’t just collect customer feedback; we act on it. This new interface turns the most common input we’ve received from our customers into an innovative and improved approach for buying and selling traffic.”

According to Adamo, “One of the biggest features of the new interface is its expended business intelligence tools, which help advertisers maximize return on spends. More detailed statistics and analytics make it possible to uncover previously hidden trends and insights that can lead to more precise advertising campaigns and higher conversions.”

Adamo said, “Publishers will also benefit from the new interface. Expanded intelligence means better understanding of the traffic types that offer the highest returns. Publishers can also set a minimum CPM per geo or per ad method, granting additional control over revenue.” 

“We don’t view innovation as optional at Adamo,” Shalom said. “The business landscape moves rapidly online, and we absolutely must innovate in order to keep our customers ahead of the competition. That’s how we keep them coming back to Adamo, and it’s why our network has been growing so quickly.” 

Also announced with the new interface is the addition of three new verticals to the Adamo platform. In addition to adult and gambling verticals, advertisers and publishers can now choose lifestyle, entertainment and file- sharing/torrent verticals, presenting all new revenue possibilities for Adamo customers. 

Based in Europe, Adamo was founded in 2013.

For more information on Adamo Ads, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.