Dreamgirl Releases New 2016-2017 Catalog

Dreamgirl Releases New 2016-2017 Catalog

LOS ANGELES — Dreamgirl International has released its 2016-2017 Fall/Holiday/Valentine’s catalog, featuring a collection of intricately-designed and vibrantly-colored styles for the holiday buying season.

“The excitement of the season is captured in Dreamgirl’s collection of sexy, sparkly, seductive and playful boxed and hanging lingerie styles,” the company said. With the addition of a sultry new garnet colorway and luxe accents, the collection comes alive in exquisite jewel tones combined with shimmery sequined detailing, sparkling metallics and elegant embroidery.”

The catalog also features a collection of Santa-themed lingerie in both boxed and hanging styles. Dreamgirl also has released new Valentine’s Day styles that range “from flirty to ultra-sexy, bringing the heat with a variety of satisfying silhouettes, color/fabric contrasts and heart designs.”

Dreamgirl also has added new plus-size styles, including modified styles.

This year’s wholesale prices range from $1.60 to $28.95. New styles are ready to ship starting Aug. 15.

“After working diligently for months on these creative and unique new designs, we proud to present our best Fall/Holiday/Valentine’s collection and catalog thus far,” Dreamgirl CEO Christopher Scharff said.