Maryjean on Opie Radio's 'Sam Roberts Show' Tonight

NEW YORK — Maryjean will be appearing on "The Sam Roberts Show" tonight at 7 p.m. EST on SiriusXM Satellite Radio's Opie Radio Channel. The Dominican adult star and Bronx native will be celebrating the program's first anniversary and announcing her official title as its "on the street" reporter.

"In all of my years of broadcasting, I have never encountered anyone with such a natural curiosity and ability to get answers wearing amazingly low-cut tops," Roberts said. "As our on-the-street reporter, Maryjean is an essential part of the 'Sam Roberts Show' team."

Maryjean first met Sam Roberts on Opie Radio's "Opie and Anthony Show," and when Roberts spun off to his own program one year ago, Maryjean was his first adult industry guest. Maryjean quickly became a recurring guest on "The Sam Roberts Show" and then, began going out in the field to report on New York City events with hilarious results.

"I want to thank 'The Sam Roberts Show' for this amazing opportunity," Maryjean said. "Thanks to Sam Roberts, I have another job that doesn't involve engaging in oral sex." 

Tonight's "Sam Roberts Show" will be recorded in front of a live studio audience. Fans can listen to the show tonight on XM channel 103 or Sirius channel 206.

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