Video: inVrsion Launches ShelfZone VR Retail Simulator

Video: inVrsion Launches ShelfZone VR Retail Simulator

MILAN — inVRsion, an Italian start-up that develops virtual reality solutions for businesses, has launched ShelfZone — a VR simulator for large-scale retail trade and consumer goods companies.

ShelfZone is able to recreate shops, supermarkets and shopping malls with realism. Created using HTC Vive technology, the simulator allows users to analyze and manage space allocation and category management solutions.

ShelfZone can simulate the supermarket aisles of specific package goods brands, allowing users to visualize various dispositions on the shelf and managing products information in different ways. 

inVRsion says it believes consumers would prefer the experience of shopping with the help of artificial intelligence.

inVRsion’s ShelfZone recently won the Italian Popai Awards as “Best in Show” solution, best “Tech in Store” and the Critics’ Award. The “Best in Show” prize allows the company to take part in the Popai Global Awards, an event that each year recognizes excellence in point-of-purchase advertising displays and marketing-at-retail activations.

“Our solution is growing quickly and we think it might disrupt the way we approach activities of planning, study and submission of projects of space allocation, promo and proximity,” VRsion CEO Matteo Esposito said. “With ShelfZone it is possible to recreate an entire supermarket in a few square meter room and this new store could soon be full of real people who shop in the virtual reality.”

inVRsion is an Italian startup that specializes in VR real-time room-scale simulators. Founded in 2015 by Matteo Esposito, Paolo Pascolo, Flora Caroli and Luca Ferrari Trecate, the company’s mission is to create virtual rooms in which business contexts can be simulated with the purpose of showrooming and carrying out market research. The main application areas of inVRsion are the following sectors: retail, automotive and real estate.