Reporo Sharpens Ad Targeting With 'Traffic Deals'

Reporo Sharpens Ad Targeting With 'Traffic Deals'

LONDON — Mobile ad network Reporo today announced the roll out of “Traffic Deals,” a new product launch within its self-service platform.

Reporo officals said the launch adds a significant improvement in platform functionality that allows advertisers to set up campaigns that target one specific site and advertising format.

Reporo has worked with key publishers to offer deals in which advertisers and marketers alike can exclusively target those sites.

With more volume becoming available, having the option to target particular sites based on performance has become a necessity. Company officials said Reporo has responded to that demand.

With the platform, advertisers select the desired site and advertising format and choose their preferred targeting and budget.

Users will immediately be able to start a campaign with the best of Reporo's traffic that suits their product and performance metrics.

“Reporo is no longer a blind network,” said Nicolas Bigaignon, Reporo's marketing director. “Since we launched our self-service platform last year, our aim has to become more transparent and accessible to our partners, whilst still retaining our full commitment to sales and account management for clients who need our expertise.”

“With the recent launch of Smart Optimisation, Remarketing, Traffic Tokens, Live Chat and now Traffic Deals, our platform now delivers a huge range of functionality to our advertisers that enables them to get more control and ultimately increase performance within their own campaigns,” Bigaiagnon said. “Once you couple this functionality alongside our high volume, global traffic, it is clear that Reporo has entered a new era in its long advertising history.”

Reporo, which bills itself as the Mobile Performance Network, generates 40 billion impressions per month. With direct publisher integrations, Reporo primarily converts for products such as video-on-demand, utility apps, gaming, men's health, casino/sport betting and adult entertainment.

Reporo reps will be demonstrating its new functionality in its products at the following shows in July and August — LALExpo in Columbia (July 11-13), AW Berlin in Germany (July 18-19) and Qwebec Expo in Canada (Aug. 4-7).