Webmaster Central Announces 'VR3000' Player Software

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central has announced the general availability of its VR3000 Player, the software technology the company is using to stream content from its recently announced VR3000 Studios. Companies t hat want to stream their own VR content now have access to the technology that makes it possible.

Andy A., CEO and founder of Webmaster Central, said, "The industry has been stalled on live cams and dating for years, but now that we're making the VR3000 Player available to all companies, there's brand new revenue opportunities. And it's really exciting. This is the only licensable VR player available to webmasters who want to stream VR videos, and it works flawlessly with the iPhone, by the way."

All clients of VR3000 Studios, according to Webmaster Central, will be granted a free license to use the VR3000 Player, which means these companies can now stream their own original VR content in addition to offering VR3000 Studios videos to their members. For those who do not lease VR content from Webmaster Central, the VR3000 Player can still be licensed separately.

Without the VR3000 Player, most adult companies can only offer VR videos via full download. According to a Webmaster Central spokesperson, "With the average VR video clip size being quite large, that delivery approach can lead to a bad experience for users who have limited storage on their mobile devices. Customers with metered data plans might also prefer to stream compressed clips rather than being forced to download full uncompressed videos."

Andy A. said, "Most customers are going to want streaming. I think we've seen the truth of that again and again in this business. There are some collectors, though, who many still want to download clips. One of our more successful clients plans to use the player to stream VR content to his members while also offering full clip downloads for an extra price per download. That's the kind of creative thinking that's possible with the VR3000 Player, and we're happy to work with our clients to help them implement a similar business model."

The VR3000 Player supports 3D 180°, 3D 360°, SBS 3D and even 2D videos. The player works with mobile devices, including tablets, Android phones and iPhones, as well as desktop VR systems such as Oculus and Vive.

The VR3000 Player, according to a Webmaster Central spokesperson, "automatically detects the quality of a viewer's Internet connection and adjusts accordingly. That protects against annoyances like buffering, leading to the best possible user experience."

For more information on Webmaster Central, visit their official website.