Magic Gel Wins 2 PIASC Print Excellence Awards

Magic Gel Wins 2 PIASC Print Excellence Awards

LOS ANGELES — Magic Gel's new labels won two awards at this year’s PIASC Awards.

According to the company, the competition received more than 300 entries.

Magic Gel said the packaging was redesigned to reflect the smooth clean feel of their product. The company says it wanted a solution that would allow consumers to see through the containers to show the clear quality of the gels. The company also updated the label to include a product description on the back and instructions in five different languages.

The challenge came when Magic Gel’s products were open to a global market, the company said.

“In order to sell their products in other countries Magic Gel’s labels now had to contain instructions and legally required statements in a variety of languages,” the company said. “To do this would require the use of Extended Content Labels (ECLs). The challenge would be to devise a method to use ECLs and still keep the look and feel of the new product design.”

The packaging’s designers say decided to create a label that can peel and re-close in order to maintain “the beauty of the new clear design and the functionality of an Extended Content Label.”