Eros Association Journal Relaunched

Eros Association Journal Relaunched

MELBOURNE — Australia’s national adults-only industry publication, the Eros Journal, has been relaunched.

The first issue in 10 years has hit the streets, offering Australian and international adult product producers and distributors access to Australian adult retailers through a registered industry association platform.

The Eros Association is Australia’s adult industry association. It takes its membership from a wide variety of adult industry members around the country and provides adult wholesalers and retailers alike with government liaison, industry networking and commercial advice. The Association has been the public face of the industry for 25 years.

Eros Board members include David Watt from Windsor Wholesale; Dean Williams and Matt Hill from HGC/ Sexpo/ Club X; Suzy Humphreys from Evergreen Sales: Raz Scarvo from Off Ya Tree; Rob Godwin from The Love Group; Ozzy Sarman from Claredale and Michael McGregor from Metro Interactive.

The Eros Journal was previously managed by former Eros CEO, Fiona Patten, who resigned from the organization in November 2014 after being elected to the Victorian state parliament. She writes a column in the new journal.

Replacing Patten as CEO is a former performer with a Masters in Political Science, Rachel Payne. “In launching the new Eros Journal, we’ve gathered the best experts in the field”, she said. “We’re featuring a regular column from one of Australia’s best known sex therapists, Cyndi Darnell and a regular feature from Gia Ravazzotti — a leading Australian academic who comments on the relationship of sex toys to sexual health. Dr Paul McGinn from the University of West Australia will contribute articles that show how to match your adult products with community desire. These columnists provide the Eros Journal with an evidence-based and professional approach to reviews of the industry and its products.”

The current issue also contains an interview with Pjur’s Alexander Giebel; an article to help adult retailers and wholesalers navigate the sometimes difficult terrain around Australian Customs; a profile of performers from Melbourne and a who’s who of the Australian industry.

Review copies are available on request and ads are now being booked for the second issue. For more information call General Manager, Rachel Payne at 03 9629 9295; 0410 852 78, or visit