Calif. Democratic Party Votes to Oppose Adult Film Ballot Measure

Calif. Democratic Party Votes to Oppose Adult Film Ballot Measure
Rhett Pardon

LONG BEACH, Calif. — The California Democratic Party voted on Sunday to oppose the Safer Sex in Adult Film Act ballot measure.

The ballot initiative would allow private citizens to sue adult performers and other industry workers when a condom is not visible in an adult film.

Eric Paul Leue, campaign manager for Californians Against Worker Harassment and Free Speech Coalition executive director, said this was a historic win for the adult industry because both major political parties in the state now oppose the initiative.

“This is a tremendous, unprecedented victory,” Leue said. “We applaud the California Democratic Party for recognizing the many problems with this dangerous initiative.

“No worker in any other industry can be sued and harassed by members of the general public, and this initiative would open adult performers to stalking, extortion and profiteering.”

Performers have spoken out repeatedly against the measure expressing concerns for their safety and privacy, Leue said.

Many attended the convention in Long Beach, Calif., to make their case to the party leaders directly.

“This initiative puts adult film performers at risk,” said Chanel Preston, president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC). “The Democratic Party recognizing this is a major turning point in the battle. This win could not have happened without the help of the many performers who have been consistently impressive in their participation and support.

“As we move forward in our efforts to fight the adult film initiative, I believe we will continue to impress others with our passion and dedication in keeping our industry free from regulations that threaten, rather than protect performers.”

Ela Darling, a board member of APAC, who spoke to the resolutions committee, agreed with Preston’s statements over the ballot initiative.

“This is a huge success and it wouldn’t have happened without the support and hard work of performers who came out and spoke up for their right to privacy,” Darling said. “I’m so honored to have stood beside such a passionate, industrious group of people this weekend. We spoke out against violations of our safety and privacy and our voices were heard.”

Leue said: “We could not have done this without the voices of the performers, and the continuous support of our industry workers and businesses. Our unity is our success.”

The California Republican Party opposed the measure in February. Major LGBTQ groups and AIDS/HIV outreach organizations also have announced opposition, including the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and AIDS Project LA.

“This is not about condoms,” Leue said. “It’s a lawsuit bonanza that will be used to harass this work force. Harassment is not a California value.”