Spotlights Blewit Spotlights Blewit

AUSTIN, Texas — Lux Alptraum’s article “Why don’t men have good sex toys?” for spotlights Blewit as a company that is trying to take the shame out of male masturbation.

While women’s pleasure products have gone mainstream, men’s masturbation aids haven’t changed for decades, Alptraum says.

“There are lots of different theories about why women’s products dominate the sex toy market. Some suggest that it’s a question of demand: men just don’t want or need masturbatory assistance in the same way that women do.”  

Alptraum says cultural attitude may also be holding back innovation in male sex toys. While women are encouraged to explore their bodies to discover what they like, for men “it’s a shameful strategy for achieving the goal of orgasm; and for many, that means that it’s best when through with as quickly as possible.”

“That’s why CT Schenk created Blewit!. A 12-year veteran of the sex toy industry, Schenk is intimately familiar with the shame that surrounds male self-pleasure, and wanted to create a product that would combat the shame around male masturbation.”

Blewit! provides a special focus on male pleasure training and gives men and their partners a tool that can help strengthen men’s ability to delay orgasm, via “mindful masturbation,” which essentially promotes the kind of self-awareness that can enhance sexual experiences.

“Blewit! hasn’t broken into big-box stores yet, and it may not cross into the mainstream for a while. If it — or any other male masturbation products — do manage to make it there, it’ll likely be thanks in part to Schenk’s work to recontextualize male self-pleasure as a healthy part of the human sexual experience.”

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