Kheper Games Releases 2 New Drinking Games

Kheper Games Releases 2 New Drinking Games

SEATTLE — Kheper Games, Inc. has released two new games: Who’s the Biggest Freak? and The Spirits Want You to Drink Them.

Who’s the Biggest Freak? is the adult party game where players answer crazy questions about themselves in order to determine which one of them is the biggest freak. To play the game, players roll an eight-sided die, to determine a question for the group and whoever has done the action, takes a drink. The game includes 552 questions, with samples including: “Have you ever worn rubber?” and “Do you know what a plushy fetish is?”

The Spirits Want You to Drink Them is a fast-paced drinking game version of the popular Ouija boards that have been around for more than 100 years. Players ask the spirits, “Who do want to drink you?” and then the spirits “guide” the planchette, that the players are all touching with their hands. The planchette moves around the board selecting symbols and numbers. Players then act out up to five drink actions, such as swearing contests, personal questions, categories, and I Never Have questions.

“Social games such as these are important to include in adult games sections,” Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “Customers not only want to have fun with games for the bedroom, but also need ideas for how to simply have fun either as a couple or with friends. Our newest games work great for a couple’s getaway, or game night with some good friends.”

Who’s the Biggest Freak? is for two-to-12 players and is an addition to the line of “Who’s the Biggest…” games from Kheper Games that also includes a pervert version and a slut version for bride-to-be parties. The Spirits Want You to Drink Them is for two-to-eight players and is an extension of the sex version that Kheper Games says ws a bestseller last Valentine’s Day.

The games and at least five other new products will be formally launched at the July 2016 ANME Show next month. Kheper Games will be located in their usual location, booths 2 & 3.

For more details on the new games by Kheper Games, email or call (877) 426-3755.