HiPleasures Hires Health Coach Natalia Maldonado

HiPleasures Hires Health Coach Natalia Maldonado

MIAMI — Adult wellness and health company HiPleasures has hired New York City-based fitness expert and health coach Natalia Maldonado to answer questions from consumers and companies about their products. Maldonado will also be "advising the HiPleasures team on how to integrate their products into people's lives for better overall health beyond the bedroom," the company said.

"Natalia will be a great addition to the team," said HiPleasures CEO Brittani Feinberg. "We're looking at the health effects from HiPleasures products like Sugar Cum and seeing there's benefit beyond the bedroom, and we have the ability to change people's lives. Natalia will definitely help with this."

Maldonado is a veteran of the United States Air Force who spent seven years on the New York Police Department. In addition to working as a personal trainer for the New York Health and Racquet Club and New York Sports Club, Maldonado is also a certified health coach, bikram yoga teacher, zumba instructor, motivational speaker and brand ambassador for the women's program at Oakley.

Maldonado said, "I want to help Brittani on her mission when it comes to normalizing the conversation of sex. I want people to confidently express their needs or desires in the bedroom. How many relationships and marriages can be saved by helping people put their ego aside, so they can connect with their partner and feel passion? I want to help couples move together and communicate, so they can keep the fire and passion in the relationship and expose any issues or miscommunication early enough. The ultimate goal is to help people be emotionally, physically, mentally and sexually fit." 

Maldonado said her goal is to "be a warrior for love, orgasms and freedom."

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HiPleasures' product Sugar Cum is currently available on HiPleasures.com and at selected Spencer's retail stores across the United States.

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