Forbes Profiles LELO

Forbes Profiles LELO

SAN JOSE, Calif. — In an exclusive interview with Forbes titled “LELO: The World's Most Luxurious And Tech Savvy Sex Toys” LELO’s founder offered insight into the company’s success.

“In 2001 when we shopped the local stores in Stockholm looking for a gift for a woman who had everything, all the products on display were unhealthy jelly-type phalluses and cheap plastic buzzers — nothing anyone would ever feel proud of owning or purchasing,” Filip Sedic says.

“We see the perfect product as something that is minimalist in its design and easy to operate,” says Sedic. “But that requires complex engineering internally to provide the best results. It’s not dissimilar to the camera on your iPhone where you tap your screen and catch the perfect image, but meanwhile, the phone is doing millions of calculations and adjustments to help you get the best picture.”

In the article, Sedic addresses “copycats.”

“You see many products that mimic LELO’s appearance,” says Sedic, “But inside no-one can match the performance of the products themselves. Whether this refers to durability, safety, power, noise levels or remote controls, LELO continually comes out on top. And that’s by design, not by accident.”

As to what can be expected from LELO in the future, Sedic says, “Two more big releases will be announced this year. One in particular will address the biggest problem our male customers have been asking us to solve for years.”

The company is about to launch LELO HEX, which it claims will be one of the biggest advances in condom technology in 70 years. Developed over seven years LELO HEX promises a condom that is completely reengineered, allowing for an experience that’s much more pleasurable, intimate, and more satisfying for both partners.

Details of this project, slated for launch this summer, are being kept under wraps, but the public has been teased with the launch of and Steve Thomson, LELO CMO promises that, “it will completely revolutionize sex as we know it.”