Bijoux Indiscrets Celebrates 10 Years With Sex Study

Bijoux Indiscrets Celebrates 10 Years With Sex Study

BARCELONA — To mark its 10th anniversary, Bijoux Indiscrets has unveiled, which features a collection of audio recordings of real orgasms, as well as a study the company conducted in Spain on sexual behaviors.

“We’ve learned a lot over the last 10 years but there’s always going be things we have doubts about,” Bijoux Indiscrets co-founder Elsa Viegas said. “On the suspicion that we don’t always prioritize our feelings, pleasure or connecting with our bodies, we decided to carry out a study (the first of its kind to be conducted in Spain) where we revealed the prejudices and taboos that condition our sexual behavior.”

As part of the “Fiction Vs. Reality in Sex” study the company analyzed 1,465 online questionnaires with 124 questions each. The panel consisted of individuals aged between 18-55 of which 51 percent were women and 49 percent were men. Bijoux Indiscrets also viewed 30 hours of personal in-depth interviews and spent 500 hours studying philia, phobias, trends and behaviors.

We discovered that we ‘fictionalize’ our pleasure, either because we are influenced by pornography, Hollywood romanticism or by social myths and taboos,” Viegas said.

“In order to present the results of the study, the ‘Library of Real Orgasms’ was born — the world’s only library to contain 100 percent real orgasms that give a voice to true female pleasure,” she said. “The aim is to build bridges for dialogue, generate debate and, above all, to reclaim pleasure as a fundamental right for women to enjoy too. In the midst of the 21st century, this study showed that sexual freedom and the right to enjoy sex is almost exclusively reserved for men.”

Viegas also says the company will be spotlighting 10 female sexologists, sex bloggers, writers and “warriors” in its blog.

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