Judas Productions Announces MenOfJudas.com

MONTREAL — Judas Productions has announced the launch of MenOfJudas.com, which is being described as a "softcore" adult website and will feature Jordano Santoro, Gabriel Clark and other male models.

"We have a very unique approach to erotism: something closer to art than porn," said Justin," CEO and videographer for Judas Productions. "Seems like everyone is into hardcore nowadays. Even hardcore isn't hardcore enough. We assumed that a little softcore would stand out. Men can be manly, yet very sensual. This is what we focus on. We also keep in mind that our members can be anyone who like to enjoy a man's naked body: women, men, couples, gay or straight."  

Judas Productions will be uploading three to four new videos monthly for their members, adding new faces regularly to their lineup. 

"I guess guys just like showing off," Justin said. "After they've seen the website, it's quite easy to convince them to get naked and jerk off for the camera. They see it as their very own sex tape, but classy."

Judas Productions is also offering a French-language version of the site: LesHommesDeJudas.com.

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