Naked Sword Originals Premieres 'Fuck You I'm Famous'

Naked Sword Originals Premieres 'Fuck You I'm Famous'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals today premiered “Fuck You I’m Famous,” a new series coming after the recent release of “Fuck Me I’m Famous.”

Directed by NakedSword's mr. Pam, “Fuck You I’m Famous” features interviews with infamous bad boys and digs deeper into their scandals and public dramas, “bringing these notorious bad boys of porn to life.”

The first scene is full of “animalistic chemistry and lots of hardcore action” from Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose and Draven Torres, a studio publicist said.

“Rose, who just won Performer of the Year at the 2016 Grabbys, is no stranger to controversy and can surely be described as infamous steaming from his past volatile public relationships, his current Twitter wars, party-boy antics, and over-the-top Amazon wish lists,” the publicist said.

“mr. Pam paired Ryan with sexy fetish star Draven Torres who takes pride in his bad-boy reputation as one of the filthiest pups on the circuit. Draven immediately bows down before his master and licks Ryan's boots. Ryan feeds Draven his rock-hard bone then rolls him over to get a taste. The two bad boys go at it like dogs until they both shoot explosive loads, proving that there truly is no rest for the wicked.”

mr. Pam said of the scene: "These two are an unlikely pair and Ryan is known to be a relentless top but I think he might have met his match with Draven. I have been wanting to shoot Draven for years and I knew he could perform and also bring out something in Ryan and boy did he! 

“No matter what Ryan gave him he kept asking for more!" mr. Pam said. "After this shoot Ryan is officially one of my favorite models to film. These guys might be bad but boy can they throw down! I realized that I definitely have a thing for bad boys after watching the trailer for my own movie! But, I mean, who doesn't really?"  

Pictured: Ryan Rose, left, and Draven Torres