Vendors Showcase Bestsellers, Preview Upcoming Releases at XBIZ Retreat Miami

Vendors Showcase Bestsellers, Preview Upcoming Releases at XBIZ Retreat Miami

MIAMI — This week’s XBIZ Retreat brought together 61 vendors that transformed the luxurious suites at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami into showrooms and business meeting spaces where they welcomed new and existing customers.

With vendor suites situated throughout several floors of the hotel, some meetings were held poolside or beachside at the XBIZ Retreat’s own dedicated venue, which boasted beautiful views of the ocean and the bay.

Jimmyjane offered XBIZ Retreat attendees an exclusive opportunity to see a preview of its upcoming releases, including new pleasure products and consumables. “The response to our newest products has been great. Everyone is excited about our Live Sexy Intro line and they’re looking forward to the follow-up,” Jimmyjane’s Robert Rheaume said. “The buyers are also excited about how Sir Richard’s is expanding and approaching the market. We’re creating an eco-system with which the end user can grow and expand with the brand.”

Fleshlight showcased the latest additions to its range of Fleshlight Girls masturbators, as well as the new Trent Ducati Fleshjack. The company also debuted the S.T.U. in a mocha color, which was a top request from customers, Fleshlight’s Amanda Purcell said.

Pound International’s Stud 100 has been on the market for 40-plus years. Pound International’s Dana Puerto said that their formula was established before the FDA had made regulations for delay products, and worked alongside the FDA to establish them. “Before that there was no delay spray,” Puerto says. “It’s the first, the original, the best.”

Paradise Marketing exhibited a selection of new condoms that the company is now carrying, including a condom that’s been declared the largest on the market — the Okamoto Mega Big Boy. “We think that it’s going to fill a niche,” Paradise Marketing’s Michelle Liss said. “So far, everyone is excited about it.”

Pipedream Products showcased several pieces from its bestselling brands, including Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators, and the Wanachi Mega Wand. Pipedream Products’ Chris Armstrong said the oversized toy is more than a novelty and can be used for back and foot massages.

Dame Products showcased its Eva couples toy, which gained fame when the company became Indiegogo’s most crowd-founded campaign. The company’s co-founder Alex Fine said, “The feedback we’ve gotten from people has been really positive. We hear from a lot of customers that don’t want cock rings and need something that’s helpful in the bedroom and doesn’t intimidate.”

Crave introduced its latest releases designed to “revitalize the market and elevate the experience for users,” Crave’s Jack Morocco said. “We want to make it easy for people to upgrade and open up the conversation about sex. That’s one of our core tenets.” Among the company’s newest releases is a metal bullet vibe with an MSRP of $59.

Smash Pictures CEO Dan Quinn unveiled his latest venture at XBIZ Retreat — a pleasure products company called In the Mood. With its slogan, “Dare to enjoy,” the company’s unique flagship product is the Rabbit 45, a thrusting, multispeed waterproof vibrator with a gun-shaped handle complete with trigger.

“With the Rabbit 45, you can aim, shoot and hit the target.”  Quinn said. “I’m a gun enthusiast and was inspired by the second amendment.” In the Mood also has two additional products — Daisy, a heating vibe, and Eva, which features a “very powerful motor,” Quinn said.

Womanizer has received a slew of mainstream press, including being declared the No. 2 best toy for an orgasm by Cosmopolitan magazine. The company presented the Original Womanizer, along with the new premium Deluxe edition, and displays for retailers.

Clean Light Laboratories showcased its UVee Home Play and Go Play sanitizing and charging storage system for sex toys. The cases feature a patent-pending germicidal UVC light system that kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria. Available in two sizes — including a rechargeable travel-friendly version and a larger plug-in version that’s big enough to fit the Magic Wand — the cases feature USB charging outlets and lock.

AfterDark Labs introduced Infinimax, a sexual health supplement that’s geared towards hormone production, increasing blood flow circulation.

“We created it based on the science of bodybuilding,” AfterDark Labs’ Tad Timothy said.

The supplements formulated for women feature ingredients such as estrogen and maca root combined with the company’s proprietary ingredients. According to Timothy, Infinimax for women promotes hormone balance and improves health holistically.

“It’s all-natural and all about better sex and improving total health,” Timothy said and also revealed the news about signing an endorsement deal with adult star Gianna Michaels and the company’s upcoming launch of AfterDark Superstore — a drop shipping business.

Hot Flowers is a Brazilian company that was established in 2003 and now employs more than 200 people and offers more than 200 products. XBIZ Retreat marked the company’s U.S. launch, Alexandre Enumo said, adding that the company’s internationally bestselling product is Hot Balls — insertable balls of stimulating gel that melt inside the body.

“We invest a lot in our marketing,” Enumo said. “The promotional and instructional videos that we offer are to support retailers.”

Blewit CEO CT Schenk showcased the company’s namesake masturbator while promoting “pleasure training.” Blewit simulates intercourse while giving users a way to experience their sexual response cycles in a way that masturbation can’t.

“Men aren’t taught how to masturbate. They’re just given tools,” Schenk said, “Blewit was created to overcome the taboos and stigma of men buying masturbators because it’s not about replacing your partner but instead enhances it.”

Blush Novelties showcased its Aria collection, which features eight styles in a variety of colors. “I think it’s the colors and the price points that make this line so popular,” Blush Novelties’ Benny Neff said. “Everyone at the show picked up Aria, and it’s in stock and selling well. We have a lot more new stuff coming in July.”

Neff also shared information about the company’s soon-to-be-opened showroom in California.

b-Vibe exhibited its flagship toy, the Rimming Plug along with other new products set to be released later in the year. The Trio is a new vibrating anal toy with three motors offering range of vibrating stimulation. The company’s third product is a silicone enema featuring a one-way bulb. According to b-Vibe’s Alicia Sinclair, the new products are slated for release in late August. Sinclair also revealed plans for a new guide from sex expert Charlie Glickman, who’s a company’s spokesperson. “The Guide to Responsible Anal Play” will soon be available to retailers and consumers.

Metro debuted Cloud 9 sexual enhancement drink along with displays and promotional material. The company also released Brahma sex enhancement pills and the Love Life 48-piece range of lingerie that includes hosiery and panties.

“Metro had to diversify,” Metro’s Bill Rix said. “We’re also going to be releasing smoking accessories by Pax to really round out the company.”

Pulse showcased several new studios it now represents, including Corbin Fisher, which is exclusive to Pulse. Other new additions include Christian Bjorn, Dallas Reeves, Skyn Men and more.

Pulse’s Joshua St. John said he was at XBIZ Retreat to promote revamped branding for Reality Kings and Mofos. “It has a new look with different artwork and new concepts beginning in June,” he said. “Twisty’s also is making a comeback with two new releases a month.”

Alexander Institute released new books and movies, including a new erotic cooking book. The company also showcased Fun Toy’s range of products, which it distributes in the U.S. Among the company’s most innovative new toys is the Serena kegel exerciser that comes with an app featuring video chat functionality.

OneUp Innovations’ Carmen Miller-Branch showcased Liberator’s Red Label range and new bondage gear while highlighting the brand’s new packaging featuring diversified models of different ethnicities and body types.

Classic Erotica added a new fragrance to its Coochy line, along with a new foil package of its shave crème. “We want to encourage customers to try different scents,” Classic Erotica’s Nicole McCree said.

The company also now offers a new illuminating skin brightener that isn’t a bleach. “It contains the same ingredients as a blemish remover’s formula so it can really even out a skin tone.”

Lovehoney teased its upcoming releases that are set for July. “We will be showcasing the new Motley Crue collection of toys along with the debut of a completely new brand.”

Bathmate’s Vadim introduced the company’s new Jelqing cream with a video that explained what Jelqing is — a natural therapy technique that men use to engorge their penis. It can be used in addition to pumping to prolong the effects.

“It improves penis size by increasing blood flow,” Vadim said. “Jelqing has been around for a lot longer than penis pumps. It opens up the blood vessels and extends penis size for a longer period.”

Si Novelties’ Ryan Paul showcased the company’s latest additions, including the Major Dick line of realistic dildos. “I’ve met a lot people I hadn’t met before at this show,” Paul said. “It’s a great opportunity to show them stuff that they haven’t seen before.”

Satisfyer introduced its new toy featuring a suctioning tip. “It’s a new generation of toys,” Satisfyer’s Jerome Bensimon said. “It creates a mechanical response to clit stimulation.”

Bensimon added, “the XBIZ Retreat is a great experience. It’s valuable to us. There’s a lot of buzz about our product right now so we’re here answering questions and meeting with potential partners. The buyers we’ve met tell us they’re really proud and excited. We’re getting lots of encouragement. It’s poised to be a bestseller."

Fun Factory promoted its Summer of Fun marketing campaign that’s celebrates the company’s 25th anniversary. “We will be offering a limited edition bag as a gift with purchase for retailers. We’re keeping it fresh with a lot of new releases,” Fun Factory’s April Lampert said. Among the company’s newest products is the Moody vibe made in collaboration with Good Vibrations.

XR Brands introduced a new line called Master Cock that features large dildos previously sold as bulk items. XR Brands’ Rebecca Weinberg said customers asked for retail-friendly packaging. “We listen to what our customers want,” she said. XR Brands also introduced the Beat It masturbator with a wider opening that comes apart completely for sanitation, along with the new Ripples Finger Bang Her — a finger vibe that completely encases the finger in smooth silicone and features stimulating ridges.  XR Brands also introduced the Shegasm, which offers “unique suction sensation” that’s controlled by a dial.

Perfect Fit Brand showcased its latest releases and products that have appeared in mainstream. Perfect Fit Brand’s Rob Reimer said the company recently received a plug from “The Jenny McCarthy Show” and on The company showcased the ErgoFlow Portable Shower Douche, which can be installed in the shower. “We’re meeting with both existing and new customers,” Reimer said. “We’re really happy to be here.”

Oh Man Studios exhibited its new line of sex enhancement pills and the line of Ruff lube.

“We’re still producing movies and also coming out with a lot more options for all kinds of sexual needs. The expansion of our range is going really well. It’s brought new hopes and expectations,” Bruno Riccelli said.

Shots Media exhibited its Vive collection of affordable high-end toys featuring dust-proof silicone. The company also released the Sono collection of men’s toys as well as its Ouch bondage line in brown.

Curve Novelties’ Jeff Young says the company is dedicated to helping brick and mortar retailers. “We have the best engineer overseas and we’ve tripled our capacity since he joined our team,” Young said. “We have the ability to be an OEM partner and we’re a one-stop shop to produce, print and innovate.”

L'Amourose was established four years ago but has been in the U.S. for six months. The company introduced the Black Diamond collection, Rosa and Prisms line. L'Amourose’s Christine Boado said, “It’s been a really good show. People love our products for their high quality.”

Impulse Novelties showcased its range of toys, including Jimmee — a light-up vibe that has appeared in mainstream multiple times, including the upcoming “Neighbors 2” movie. “It was on the show ‘Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce’ on three episodes and sales skyrocketed,” Impulse Novelties’ Sara Hentcy said.