PHS Teams With Kheper Games for Phoenix Wyndham Hotel's 'Splash Bash'

PHOENIX — PHS Wholesale, the distribution arm of product manufacturer PHS International, has teamed with Kheper Games to bring its Disco Ball Cup to thousands of attendees at this weekend's Splash Bash, hosted annually at the Wyndham Hotel in Phoenix. 

PHS Wholesale, according to a spokesperson, "secured the event partnership thanks to its deep-rooted connection to the LGBT scene across the country. With a unique understanding of the gay market, PHS Wholesale worked with Kheper Games to make one of its most popular novelties a fun focal point of this must-attend annual pride-themed pool party."

Michael Merrill, general manager for PHS Wholesale, said, "The Disco Ball Cup is exactly as it sounds: a hollow, handheld glittery disco ball with a straw that makes it easy to dance and enjoy libations without spilling a drop. It was a no-brainer to secure the Wyndham Hotel with units for sale and promotion during this weekend's event. Why drink out of a clear plastic cup when you can carry around an eye-catching disco ball that keeps your drink safe and puts all eyes on you?"

The Splash Bash is scheduled for May 27-30 at the Wyndham Garden Phoenix Midtown Hotel and takes place all weekend long. 

For more information on Kheper Games, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.