Kendra Sunderland Launches YouTube Channel

Kendra Sunderland Launches YouTube Channel

LOS ANGELES — Penthouse Pet Kendra Sunderland has launched her own YouTube channel.

Sunderland became famous last year after her racy public webcam peep show among the stacks of Oregon State University’s Valley Library.

The 19-year-old's solo public display was a viral sensation, earning her the nickname “Library Girl,” a misdemeanor arrest, and the kind of infamy which puts a girl on the fast track to stardom.

The former OSU freshman, who launched her career (and the notorious library video) in October 2014, has since left college to field modeling offers, including a four-page spread for Penthouse Magazine and a development deal with FriendFinder Networks for her own site

With the YouTube channel, Sunderland will be uploading flirty SFW videos every week for her fans to enjoy. 

“I’m super excited to upload videos which show more sides to me other than my sexual one,” Kendra said.. “I’ve been wanting to do this for my fans for a while, and I hope they enjoy more of the ‘Library Girl.’”

In her first video, Kendra answers fan questions ranging from her experience before and after her Oregon State University scandal, her web celebrity, trolls, her non-XXX interests, whether or not she will perform outside of cam and more.

To view Kendra Sunderland’s YouTube channel, click here.