Dirk Hooper and Tatjana Warnecke Announce Collaboration

OKLAHOMA CITY — Fetish photographers Dirk Hooper and Tatjana Warnecke have announced a creative collaboration that will take place over six months and feature an assortment of her Cosmic Couture Collection. 

Hooper is based in Oklahoma City, while Warnecke is based in Berlin, Germany. Their collaboration will showcase Warnecke's fashion designs in a series of photos by Hooper. 

Warnecke's designs have been featured in Glamour, Clint, Prestige and Gothic Beauty as well as many fetish magazines, videos and fashion shows.

Hooper said, "I've been an enthusiastic fan of Tatjana's work for 20 years. Her work is an amazing combination of fetish and sci-fi that is truly inspiring. The opportunity to take photos with her designs is seriously a dream come true."

Warnecke said, "What makes my Cosmic Couture Collection so different is that I focus on high quality, hard-wearing, totally useful yet absolutely fantastic garments that provide opportunities for expressing your innermost desires, limited only by your imagination."

Hooper is assembling a team to help with the project and is currently looking for the right models and locations to bring Warnecke's Cosmic Couture Collection to life.

Hooper said, "I plan on creating a large series of diverse photos over the next few months. I want to share the best photos with some magazines, but I also may explore a focused art show— maybe a book, or who knows what. This project presents a universe full of options."

For more information on Warnecke, visit her official website.

For more information on Hooper, visit his official website or follow him on Twitter.